Those of us making a hubbub.

We are a community project run by a small group of residents who want to do more to promote the culture and creativity in Lewes and have fun at the same time. We have a mix of backgrounds and ages – writers, designers, teachers, parents, grandparents. Why not join us?

Lewes is home to many creative individuals and organisations but there seems to be no one place to access information about events, exhibitions and activities that take place in this vibrant town. We aim to fill that gap by providing a platform that enables you to send us your news, reviews, photographs, artwork and stories. We want to be inclusive and complement other sites and we are interested in the work you are doing so let’s all work together.

We will also be taking a look around the town in search of new shops, events and eateries and perhaps persuading you to share your stories with us. We hope you will join in and create a hubbub.

Our site is still a work in progress but we welcome your input, comments and stories. Get in touch with us at info@leweshub.org.uk